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Download: The Hold Steady – April 3rd, 2010 Bootleg

The Hold Steady played some material from new album Heaven is Whenever (due May 4th) at Toad’s Place in North Haven, CT on Saturday night, and you can download the full show in mp3 bootleg form below. The new songs are track 1 ‘Rock Problems’, 13 ‘Soft in the Center’, 15 ‘Hurricane J’, 16 ‘We Can Get Together’, 18 ‘The Weekenders’, and 20 ‘A Slight Discomfort’. Enjoy!

1. Rock Problems
2. Magazines
3. You Can Make Him Like You
4. Hot Soft Light
5. Constructive Summer
6. Navy Sheets
7. Chips Ahoy!
8. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
9. The Swish
10. Party Pit
11. Massive Nights
12. Banging Camp
13. Soft in the Center
14. Sequestered in Memphis
15. Hurricane J
16. We Can Get Together
17. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
18. The Weekenders
19. Stuck Between Stations
20. A Slight Discomfort

21. Hornets! Hornets!
22. Stay Positive
23. Killer Parties

Full Show

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