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Album News: Made in Iceland 3

Compilation albums are tricky things. Most of the time they’re not successful, as one act always shines far above the others. On the flip side, compilation albums are great because you get to hear songs and bands you would have never heard otherwise (unless it’s a Now That’s What I Call Music record). Made in Iceland 3 features some new(ish) tracks from most of Iceland’s best loved musicians. As well as a tune from Sigur Rós’s Jonsi (‘Boy Lilikoi’), there’s excellent songs from Olafur Arnalds and Valgeir Sigurdsson.

Made in Iceland III is out now on Iceland Music Export.

1. For a Minor Reflection // Dansi Dans
2. Jonsi // Boy Lilikoi
3. Hjaltalin // Suitcase Man
4. Reykjavik! // Repticon
5. Seabear // I’ll Build You a Fire
6. Ben Frost // Hibakusja
7. Stafraenn Hakon // Temporality
8. Berndsen // Supertime
9. Kimono // Tomorrow
10. Valgeir Sigurdsson // Past Tundra
11. Benni Hemm Hemm // Retaliate
12. Pondus // Not Again
13. Lay Low // Aukalagid
14. Feldberg // Dreamin’
15. Snorri Helgason // Freeze Out
16. Sam Amidon // How Come That Blood
17. SkakkaManage // Now or Never
18. Sudden Weather Change // St. Peter’s Day
19. Emiliana Torrini // Beggar’s Prayer
20. Olafur Arnalds // Tunglid

Olafur Arnalds – ‘Tunglid’
Hjaltalin – ‘Suitcase Man’

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