Live: Joanna Newsom at the Grand Canal Theatre

I read last month in the Observer‘s excellent New Review section that Joanna Newsom’s live act has improved a lot since her breakthrough album Ys. Great news for us Irish fans who are due to get a chance to see her on September 14th (I would’ve posted about this before now, but was waiting for ticket details).

She’ll be playing the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin. Tickets cost €33.60 and €39.20 and go on sale tomorrow morning (Friday) at 9.

Here’s Joanna on Jools Holland recently:

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  1. nialler9

    She was amazing last time – don't listen to them.

  2. Ronan

    Ah I should have expanded. They said she was good before (as your review shows), but even better now.

  3. The Pursuit of Folk (blog)

    great blog you have hear! I'm adding you to my blog roll ;)

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