News: Eurovision 2010 Results

By now the fallout is well over and most of Europe is getting on with the rest of their lives. However, Germany is probably already perparing to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest after 19 year old Lena took home the coveted prize with her song ‘Satellite’.

It was a disappointing night for both Ireland and the UK, as both of the home countries were left propping up the table, with Ireland in 23rd and the United Kingdom coming in 25th from 25 acts on the night.

Eurovision 2010 Full Results table:

Place Country Performer Song Points
1 Germany Lena Satellite 246
2 Turkey maNga We Could Be The Same 170
3 Romania Paula Seling & Ovi Playing With Fire 162
4 Denmark Chanée & N’evergreen In A Moment Like This 149
5 Azerbaijan Safura Drip Drop 145
6 Belgium Tom Dice Me And My Guitar 143
7 Armenia Eva Rivas Apricot Stone 141
8 Greece Giorgos Alkaios & Friends OPA 140
9 Georgia Sofia Nizharadze Shine 136
10 Ukraine Alyosha Sweet People 108
11 Russia Peter Nalitch & Friends Lost And Forgotten 90
12 France Jessy Matador Allez Olla Olé 82
13 Serbia Milan Stanković Ovo Je Balkan 72
14 Israel Harel Skaat Milim 71
15 Spain Daniel Diges Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny) 68
16 Albania Juliana Pasha It’s All About You 62
17 Bosnia & Herzegovina Vukašin Brajić Thunder And Lightning 51
18 Portugal Filipa Azevedo Há Dias Assim 43
19 Iceland Hera Björk Je Ne Sais Quoi 41
20 Norway Didrik Solli-Tangen My Heart Is Yours 35
21 Cyprus Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders Life Looks Better In Spring 27
22 Moldova Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira Run Away 27
23 Ireland Niamh Kavanagh It’s For You 25
24 Belarus 3+2 Butterflies 18
25 United Kingdom Josh That Sounds Good To Me 10

We also found out Ireland’s position in the second semi-final. We came 9th (ten acts got through, the tenth was joint on 67 points with us). Turkey won our semi final with 118 points, and Belgium romped home in Tuesday’s first semi-final. However, it was not either of their nights, and one of the Big Four won for the first time in 13 years. It was also Germany’s second ever victory, they last won in 1982.

And as for the stage invader during the Spanish song, AFP reported “Some in Spain identified the intruder as Jaume Marquet Cot, better known as “Jimmy Jump,” a real estate agent from the separatist-minded region of Catalonia who is known for pitch invasions of several major sporting events.”

Here’s the winning song, Lena with ‘Satellite’:

And here’s a nice acoustic version of the song:

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  1. Anonymous

    Wheres Bulgaria in your table? I cant see them anywhere!

  2. Ronan

    Bulgaria didn't make the final. They came 15th in the second semi-final with 10 points. 67 was the cut off point to make the final.

  3. anonymous

    pfft wth is it with everyone hating the uk. every single year we come last and its definately not because the song being crap :@

  4. Ronan

    This year I think it may have been partly the song's fault. It just didn't appeal to the greater European public. Plus Josh sounded very out of tune on the night.

    That said, I expected Ireland to give the UK an 8 or maybe more. Perhaps we need more neighbours, or to split the UK into four countries. That's the only way to guarantee more points.

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