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Album News: David Gray – Foundling

Just a year after releasing his seventh album, David Gray is back with yet another full-length record. This new one is called Foundling and is due August 17th.

The press release states “The first single, ‘A Moment Everything Changes’ is an upbeat driving force, while songs such as the album opener ‘Only The Wine’ and the bluesy title track ‘Foundling’ show David Gray’s understated artistry and hauntingly beautiful vocals that have garnered him fans across the globe. “

Strangely enough, the lead single is from the bonus disc, and not from the main album itself.

Disc 1
1. Only The Wine
2. Foundling
3. Forgetting
4. Gossamer Thread
5. The Old Chair
6. In God’s Name
7. We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight
8. Holding On
9. When I Was In Your Heart
10. A New Day At Midnight
11. Dave Jones’ Locker

1. Fixative
2. Morning Theme
3. The Dotted Line
4. A Million Years
5. Who’s Singing Now
6. Old Father Time
7. Indeed I Will
8. A Moment Changes Everything
9. More To Me Now

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