Columns What I Like: Drowned in Dublin

Not quite a Blogs What I Like feature, but close enough. You’re already probably an avid Drowned in Sound reader, and probably haven’t failed to notice the new column in town. Niall Byrne, the curator of Ireland’s Annual Best Music Blog nialler9, has started a new in-depth feature on Drowned in Sound.

It’s called Drowned in Dublin, and features all the best new Irish music from the likes of the bigger names such as Heathers and Villagers, as well as collectives such as Popical Island and the Richter Collective, and then some lesser known artists such as MelJoann and Solar Bears.

Holding it all together is a wonderful Soundcloud playlist, which will probably get about a dozen listens from me over the weekend.

Drowned in Dublin playlist by Nialler9

Read the full article here:

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