Live Review

Live Review: Stone Temple Pilots, Olympia, 14 June 2010

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Date: 14 June 2010
Venue: Olympia Theatre, Dublin
Support: TAB the Band



Craig McDonnell, Goldenplec
As odd as it was to see a man in his 40′s gyrating, shouting into a megaphone and sweating so much that his shirt went from light blue to black over the course of the night, it was great to hear songs such as ‘Big Empty’, ‘Wicked Garden‘ and ‘Sex Type Thing’ being sung as well as hearing the wonderful guitar riffs from Dean DeLeo and the unique and almost manic stage presence from bass-player Robert DeLeo.

Aaron Smyth, State Magazine
They played two songs from Tiny Music and you really could feel the lift it gave the crowd. Borrowing heavily from Core, Purple and their new album they overlooked the songs and styles that have made them the band that they are today. It’s a shame really because these songs represent the group’s musicianship and dynamic in their best light.


*Warning these videos contain strobe lighting*

‘Bag Man’:

‘Big Empty’:


‘Dead and Bloated’:

‘Hickory Dichotomy’:

‘Interstate Love Song’:


‘Read Between the Lines’:

‘Sex Type Thing’:

‘Sour Girl’:


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