Live Review

Live Review: Tegan and Sara, Olympia, 15 June 2010

Artist: Tegan and Sara
Venue: Olympia Theatre, Dublin
Date: 15 June 2010
Support: Hesta Prynn



Joey Kavanagh, Goldenplec
“Playing to a practically sold-out and decidedly enthusiastic crowd, some of whom have been queueing for hours to guarantee close proximity to their idols, it seems the girls’ toil all those years ago was worth the while.”

Sophie Ann Crowother, State
“The musical equivalent of a big warm hug, and the tunes aren’t bad either. Not a bad way to spend a June evening.”



‘Back in Your Head’:

‘Dark Come Soon’:

‘Don’t Rush’/'Johnny’s Moment’:


‘Like O, Like H’:

‘Sentimental Tune’:

‘The Con’:

‘The Ocean’:

‘Where Does The Good Go’:

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