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Album News: Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

Adam Levine and the Maroon 5 gang are back with a new album on September 21st, their first in three years, and only third third record overall. It’s produced by Mutt Lange (best known for his work with Bryan Adams, The Corrs, and former wife Shania Twain). First single ‘Misery’ was released two weeks ago, but didn’t have much of an impact. However, with the right promotion, I’m sure this will be everywhere come September. What intrigues me is the duet with Lady Antebellum on ‘Out of Goodbyes’.

1. “How”
2. “Never Gonna Leave”
3. “Wasted Years”
4. “Last Chance”
5. “Don’t Know Much About That”
6. “Out of Goodbyes” (featuring Lady Antebellum)
7. “I Can’t Lie”
8. “Give a Little More”
9. “Misery”
10. “Stutter”
11. “Hands All Over”

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  1. Christ I forgot that they even existed. I like the cover. Music’s going to be shit though.

  2. The first album had a few good songs, the second one only two or three. Levine said this one was more like the first, so I’m hoping for some radio friendly jams. Particularly the Lady Antebellum one.

  3. Steve

    Is it Bryan Adams singing on the first song of this new album “HOW” ?

  4. Steve, I don’t think it’s Bryan Adams. The only guest I know of is Lady Antebellum, on that one track.

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