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Album News: Pete Yorn – Pete Yorn

As I mentioned before, Pete Yorn is back with a new album, his fifth solo record. It’s a self-titled release, and based on some of his past output, could be very good indeed. Last year, however, he released two disappointing albums. His own Back and Forth, and Break Up, an album of duets with actress Scarlett Johansson.

His new album is due out September 28th on Vagrant, and was produced by Frank Black of the Pixies. That isn’t the album cover, as it’s set to be just plain black with Yorn’s name on it. Frank Black had this to say of the record: “Pete told me he wanted to better define himself as an artist. I think he just wanted to rock out. But as we headed down a path of realization I stripped him down a whole bunch. We battled in the best sort of way. I tried to get the session into a fearless and raw place, and to his artistic credit Pete took his songwriting to a fearless and raw place. This listener will find his or herself sitting right next to Pete on the couch. And the record totally rocks out.”

1. Precious Stone
2. Rock Crowd
3. Velcro Shoes
4. Paradise Cove I
5. Badman
6. The Chase
7. Sans Fear
8. Always
9. Stronger than
10. Future Life
11. Wheels

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