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Album Review: The Brilliant Things – EP

The Brilliant Things – The Brilliant Things EP

The Brilliant Things are a clever upcoming Irish band. They’re doing a lot to get their name out there, but having people know your name means nothing if the music doesn’t stand up. Luckily for Marie Junior,Greg French and co., the music is only fantastic.

EP opener ‘Revolution’ is one of the best pop-rock songs I’ve heard in years, and announces the Brilliant Things as Ireland’s answer to Howling Bells. Fans of Alphabeat will devour the gorgeous ‘Something to Say’, which has amazing lyrics about barroom rejection. The music is sweet, but the lyrics anything but “You’re plain/And I’m vain/And you mean nothing to me.”

‘Rise’ has a Bryan Adams-esque guitar intro from French, but quickly builds into a bouncy synth-pop number, where Junior’s vocals really shine. I particularly like how she says “little”. It’s cute nuances like that which will keep you coming back for more.

A band who have a song called ‘Resolution no. 9′ have obviously studied Pop 101, and on the basis of this EP, they’re going to ace all their exams. A tremendous first impression, that marks the start of something wonderful.

Debut album Stronger Than Romeo is due later this year.

Stream/Download the EP here:

And while you’re at it, have a look at some more free and legal downloads from Irish acts:

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  1. This band is really great, they just released their newest video here a bit ago:

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