Interview: The Brilliant Things

I’m lucky enough to get the first play of this interview from the Brilliant Things at Oxegen 2010. The interview was done by Vodafone’s VIP interviewer, and the band discussed their ingenious use of technology during their Oxegen set. In addition, you can download their 2009 album Stronger than Romeo once you’ve had a look at the video interview.

Thanks to Vodafone Ireland for the interview.

Also, download or stream Stronger than Romeo here:

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  1. Jamie

    I picked uo the EP from them at Oxegen (and managed not to lose it), it’s fantastic. I love My Radio and Revolution which they said are their newest songs. The iPhone guitar solo was pretty class it has to be said, wasn’t sure what was going on at first but well done to Greg for doing it! Nice interview!

  2. Yeah, hoping I can find a video of the guitar solo. That was a fantastic idea. Hopefully get them some more coverage.

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