Live: Glenn Hughes at the Village

NOTE: By having “Glenn Hughes” and “Village” in the title, people are undoubtedly going to stumble onto this page looking for Glenn Hughes of the Village People. Just to clarify: this is not him. This is about the rock singer, formerly of Black Sabbath.

Glenn Hughes is allegedly known as the “voice of rock”. As a result, I had to do a quick wikipedia background check on him (I don’t think Britannica caters for ageing vocalists). He was lead singer of Deep Purple for Burn and the poor Stormbringer, and was frontman of Black Sabbath on Seventh Star. So to call him the “voice of rock” would be misleading. The “voice of rock when the original rockers aren’t available” would be more accurate. That said, his live show is meant to be amazing.

He’ll be playing the Village in Dublin on October 10th. Tickets are €22.50 and are on sale now.

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