Live: Mt. Desolation at Whelan’s

Side-projects are strange beasts. Country-tinged side-projects even more so. I haven’t heard anything by Mt. Desolation yet, but because it’s the new country vehicle (most likely a 4×4 pickup truck) of Keane duo Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin, I am intrigued.

The band are set to play Dublin at Whelan’s on September 10th, with an album due for release in October (on the 18th). Tickets for the Whelan’s gig cost €15 and are on sale now.

Here’s the full cast of characters involved:
Tim Rice-Oxley – Vocals, Piano
Jesse Quin – Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Lowe – Bass
Fimbo – Drums
John Roderick – BVs, Guitar
Pete Roe – Keys, BVs
Tom Fiddle Hobden – Fiddle
Jessica Staveley-Taylor – BVs
John-William Scott – Bass, Guitar
Phil Renna – Fiddle, Keys

Also featuring:
Ronnie Vannucci – Perc, good vibes
Country Winston Marshall – Banjo
Charity Quin – BVs
Jayne Rice-Oxley – BVs
Francois Deville – Pedal Steel

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