Live: Upcoming Live at Boyle’s gigs

As you may well know, Peter Nagle’s 2UIBestow is my favourite Irish music blog. He’s always first to find out about great new acts, like Resurrection Fern, who he reviewed yesterday.

What you may not know is that Peter runs an excellent live music event at Boyle’s pub in Navan, Co. Meath. Over the next few weeks he has some amazing Irish talent lined up to play. It’s free in, so if you’re in the area (or fancy a trip out from Dublin), you have no excuse not to be there.

Here’s the lineups for the next few Live at Boyle’s nights:

July 29th – RedTwelve, Hogan, Orphan Code
Aug 2nd – Arrow in the Sky, Eoin Glackin, Peter Doran and Brian Clarke from Navan [1st Live Performance]
Aug 5th – Shaz Oye, Jezzebelle, Enda Reilly, Aisling Kavanagh
Aug 12th – Wayne Brennan, The Lonely Schizophrenic, Stephen James Smith, Alan Marshall, Andy Delamare

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