Setlist: Florence and the Machine, Oxegen, 10 July 2010

By now you all know how I feel about Florence, so I won’t go on. She played the Main Stage on Saturday at Oxegen 2010.

Please help fill in the gaps by leaving a comment below. (Thanks to Kev and Colm for some additions)

Setlist (partial):
Drumming Song
My Boy Builds Coffins
Cosmic Love
Barmy Heart
You’ve Got the Love
Dog Days
Kiss With a Fist
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

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  1. Kev

    She finished with “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” and played “My Boy Builds Coffins” second. ‘Fraid I cant help you much more than that. It was one of the worst gigs I’ve ever been too – not that she was particularly bad (wasn’t great really though) but the combo of the horrenduous rain and wind and average music… It was not fun!

  2. Thanks Kev. Have updated it with your comments.

  3. Colm

    Dog Days was third last, followed by Kiss With A Fist then, as Kev said, Rabbit Heart.

  4. Thanks Colm. Updated.

  5. Came across a recording online, pretty sure it’s not the whole set. Looks like it might be missing the first song for sure, possibly more.

    1. Interview
    2. My Boy Builds Coffins (cuts in towards end)
    3. Between Two Lungs
    4. Drumming Song
    5. Heavy In Your Arms
    6. Cosmic Love
    7. You Got The Love
    8. Dog Days Are Over
    9. Kiss With A Fist
    10. Rabbit heart (Raise It Up)
    11. DJ Outro

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