Setlist: Sepultura, Academy, 18 July 2010

Brazilian metal band Sepultura played Dublin’s Academy last night to a sell-out crowd. You could hear the music on the other side of the Liffey, sources claim. No, not really, but I bet it was damn loud.

A-Lex IV
A-Lex I
Moloko Mesto
Dead Embryonic Cells
Filthy Rot
What I Do!
Convicted In Life
We’ve Lost You
A-Lex II
The Treatment
Troops of Doom
Escape to the Void/Septic Schizo
Slave New World
Inner Self

Roots Bloody Roots

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  1. ez

    I was there!! I’m brazilian and follow Sepultura since 91 and I got 6 concerts counting with the Academy (I was in the Sao Paulo DVD as well) and it was, seriously, one of the best i got, with Derrick the best one (96 w Max the best for me)! They are really sharp in this time, Andreas did the solos pretty fk good and Jean is/was a monster on drums! Nice set list as well… they rules. It was loud and clear. The crowd was crazy and really into the vibe of and enjoying… I love the metal fans of Dublin, paixoned ones they are.

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