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Stream: Fight Like Apes – Ho Ha Henry

New single taken from their upcoming as-yet-untitled album, which I talked about yesterday here.

The single comes out August 20th on Model Citizen Records.

Stream Fight Likes Apes ‘Ho Ha Henry’:
Ho Ha Henry by rubyworks

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  1. Andrew

    I was in love with Fight Like Apes from their early EPs but ever since their debut album they’ve wandered further away from off-kilter punk / leftfield pop and become a joke.

    This is what Green Day would sound like if they replaced the guitar with a keyboard. In fact, even Green Day would probably be embarassed with the bassline on this pop song.

    Comfort does not breed creativity.

    Encouragment is all well and good but the Irish media need to start pointing out that the emperor’s new clothes are not up to much and stop heaping lavish praise on any band purely on the grounds that they’re Irish and are perceived to be credible.

    Whatever made this band good in the first place doesn’t appear to be there anymore. It’s a shame.

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