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In case you hadn’t noticed the section “Irish Music Downloads” in the navigation bar above, I thought I’d point it out to you. Myself and Aidan at GoldenPlec have teamed up to create the definitive list of free Irish music downloads. That’s right, everything on the list is free and legal. So no need to worry about threatening letters from IMRO!

You should keep an eye on our list regularly, as it’s updated multiple times a week with new and interesting Irish artists – from both Ireland north and south. The list covers every genre, so you’ll find metal beside folk beside pop-punk. Also, from time to time, I’ll be posting updates like this one on the main homepage just to let you know about some of the more interesting additions.

The list was only created this week, so everything on it is brand new. However, just to get the ball rolling, here’s some of my favourites so far.

The Brilliant Things – The Brilliant Things EP
Fantastic debut from an excellent young Irish boy-girl group who really impressed at Oxegen with their inventive set.

Brian Canavan & the Difference Engine -You’re an Electron, I’m an Electron
Released last year, this wonderfully titled album was my first exposure to Canavan, who makes gorgeous and clever tunes. He’s currently working on the follow-up.

The Guggenheim Grotto – A Lifetime in Heat
An early EP from the Guggenheim Grotto, which can be found on their official website, it showed glimpses of the brilliant pop-rock band they’d become – they are now conquering America.

The Minutes – ‘Black Keys
The free Irish download list does not only have albums and EPs, but there’s singles galore too. This is from the Minutes and is a fantastic teaser for upcoming album Secret History.

Super Extra Bonus Party – Appetite for Reconstruction
The first ever album I downloaded from BandCamp, and a wonderful introduction to the website. Bandcamp is easy to use, but when you get gems like this album from it without paying a cent, it makes it seem like the best website ever. Check out Jape’s take on ‘Everybody’s Flow’.

But there are tonnes more albums, singles, and EPs that are worth downloading. Heck, there’s even ‘N17′ by the Saw Doctors!

See the full list here:

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  1. Gotta love that Guggenheim Grotto EP, an oldie at this stage of things but a great release and well worth the download.

  2. One or two of my best friends “liked” this page on facebook so I figured I’d check it out. I just did the same so with some luck some more people will find this :)

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