Download: U2 – Turin Rehearsal New Songs

U2 are set to start the third leg of their 360° World Tour in Turin (Torino), Italy on Friday night. They’ll stop off at venues across Europe, ending in Italy again on October 8th, 2010 in Rome. The fourth leg of the tour then isn’t until 2011 where they’ll return to America. They’re currently rehearsing at the Olympic Stadium in Turin (known locally as Stadio Olimpico di Torino), and have already played two new songs to test them before they play them in front of a live audience. However, local Italian fans, and U2 diehards were outside the stadium throughout rehearsals and were able to record the new songs on their cameras. The audio isn’t wonderful, but you can download them both thanks to members of various U2 forums (these are via

No idea whether these songs will appear on upcoming album Songs of Ascent, but either way, they’re worth a listen.

U2 – New Song (slow)
U2 – New Song (rock)


‘Song 1′

‘Song 2′

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