Interview: The Charlatans

The Charlatans are back with a brand new album, Who We Touch, next month, and I had the chance to talk to the band about being in the business over twenty years, his one main goal in music, and strangely enough, Christmas crackers!

You’ve been together over twenty years at this stage, how do you keep things from going stale?
You just try to burrow down and try to find new music or keep an open mind and allow something new to filter in. Books are good too. I also find that transcendental meditation keeps me fresh

How do you feel you’ve grown or developed since ‘Indian Rope’?
We have had to get over a few “huge” hurdles we have had a huge amount to deal with you name it we been through it. So apart from musically growing we have had a very full on life, life was more violent when we released ‘Indian Rope’ then the world got happy.

You’ve played with rock giants like the Who and the Stones, do you think you’ll still be touring well into retirement age like them?
Well, retirement age is about to become 72 so officially the Stones and the Who are not there yet! I always wanted to be involved in music since I was a child so I doubt I will ever want to retire. Jagger is beyond human – there is only one Mick!

New album Who We Touch is your eleventh record. Are you proud of all your back catalogue? Or is there anything you regret?
I wish the sleeve for Simpatico was darker!

Did you approach this album differently from those in the past?
I wrote a lot of it on the acoustic guitar.

Where do you find inspiration for songs now?
I find inspiration from the chord changes I come up with and the situations I end up in or go through in life at the time of making the record.

Do you have the same influences now as you did in the 90s?
I still want to make a record as good as My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless.

And do you feel that your music has influenced new, younger bands?
I am not sure. I think some of our records are inspirational to younger bands, obviously the kick-ass cool bands!

You’ve had three number one albums, and four others were in the top ten, do you think the new one will mark a return? Or are chart positions important any more?
I want the album to do well. I want it to resonate with people on a deep level.

What’s been your proudest moment in twenty years?
It is a toss up between getting Penny Rimbaud and Gee Voucher to be a part of Who We Touch…and getting the hat and the prize while pulling on a christmas cracker with Rhys ‘Spider’ Webb last year on Christmas Day.

You guys are in your 40s now. Have you calmed down in recent years? r do you still have your telly-out-of-windows moments?
I am quite Zen these days. The rest of band still have their moments.

Do you feel the new album can win new fans?
Yes, definitely.

Who We Touch is due out September 3rd. Also, check out Tim’s interviews with Goldenplec here and PopCultureMonster here.

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  1. Hey! Here’s a video of Charlatans unplugged playing Oh Vanity, in Spain, enjoy it!

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