News: 2 U I Bestow celebrates 1,000th Post

Congratulations to Peter over at the simply wonderful 2UIBestow, who has just made his 1,000th post on Irish music. To celebrate, he’s compiling a list of “The Best 25 Songs in the Life of 2UIBestow”, complete with downloads of all of the tunes.

There’s many classics on there, and some of my favourites have been included: The Chapters’ ‘Videotapes’, Ultan Conlon’s ‘Old and Wise’, and One Day International’s ‘Miss Your Mouth’. That said, all of the tunes so far have been amazing.

Great work Peter.

Check out the list here:
Part 1 – 25-21
Part 2 -20-16
Part 3 – 15-11

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  1. …. pssst it might be a tad confusing shortening ODI to ODI because there’s an Odi tune on the list! Yanno! Thanks for the plug … helped me push past the 125K visitors!

  2. Thanks. All changed. Glad I helped. :D

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