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Single Review: Antoine Dodson – Bed Intruder Song

Antoine Dodson – ‘Bed Intruder Song’

It might have the simplest name of any song released this year, but with ‘Bed Intruder Song’, Auto-Tune the News (with Antoine Dodson and others on vocals) have released a fantastically funny, yet brilliantly tuneful classic. The Gregory Brothers as Auto-Tune the News have released some good, hilarious songs in the past, such as ‘Strut that Ass’ and ‘Double Rainbow Song’, but this is their best yet. So much so that it has been in the US iTunes Top 50 Singles all week.

If you haven’t heard the backstory yet, check out this video (I won’t ruin it for you – but watch the video before listening to the song, makes it much better):

In addition, the actual video for ‘Bed Intruder Song’ is a gem:

Both sister Kelly (the victim) and the unintentionally hilarious Antoine are so natural, so uninhibited in their reactions to the attempted bed intrusion, it just adds to the brilliance of the song. Something like this could easily be faked or forced (see all those ways people are quitting their jobs and getting some free publicity at the moment), but because it’s real, it’s so much better. As American Idol‘s Randy Jackson would say: “I could see that you really felt that song, dawg”.

But today, on the day rapist Larry Murphy is released from prison, we all need some cheering up – considering the outrage currently going on in Ireland at the moment (check out the front of every tabloid today).

That’s why I’m suggesting you go download ‘Bed Intruder Song’, it’s the best comedy song since the Bloodhound Gang’s ‘Bad Touch’. And remember: “hide your husband cause they are rapin’ err’body out here.”

[xrr rating=4/5]

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