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Single Review: Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue

Sugarland – ‘Stuck Like Glue’

Sugarland are a country duo from Atlanta, Georgia. They’re signed to Mercury Records, and are due to release their fourth album The Incredible Machine in October. So far, they’ve had five number one singles, and have a Best Country Performance Grammy under their belts. That Grammy winning song, ‘Stay’, may be familiar to some of my Irish readers, as it was the lead single from Ronan Keating’s Winter Songs. Although many people may find him grating, you can’t argue with the fact that Keating knows a good hook when he hears it. And that’s what Sugarland are great at.

‘Stuck Like Glue’ is the first single to be taken from The Incredible Machine, and was released as a single last week. So is it worthy of Sugarland’s eventual Greatest Hits? Definitely. It starts off a little slow, but the breezy chorus will quickly draw you in. The band’s most integral piece has to be Jennifer Nettles’ wonderful soulful country vocal, and since she joined the band (and got more responsibility after they became a duo rather than a trio), they have gone from strength to strength.

The song is a definite highlight in a year of great country-pop songs (I could easily just turn Swear I’m Not Paul into a country-pop only blog with the rate they’re being churned out), but it does have an unsettling middle. Three minutes of the four minutes are fantastic, but the breakdown and Nettles’ spoken/rap-like diversion takes away from the song. If this was cut out of the tune, it’d be unstoppable.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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