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Single Review: Taylor Swift – Mine

Taylor Swift – ‘Mine’

The lead single from the new Taylor Swift album, Speak Now, was leaked to the internet yesterday, and thus her label immediately made the song available as a legal download. It’s called ‘Mine’, and is the latest in a line of brilliant love songs from the country starlet.

Long time followers/readers will know of my unashamed love of Taylor Swift – her last album Fearless appeared in my Top Albums of 2008 list at #24 – a few months before she hit the big time with ‘Love Story’. Since then, a lot has changed, and thus a lot is expected of the lead single from her third album (get her self-titled debut, if you haven’t already, it’s also fantastic).

So does ‘Mine’ live up to her past successes? Well, in a word, yes. It’s a straight up country-pop jam, and will devour listeners from here to America. It’s a gorgeous tune, with a huge chorus, and yet more brilliant boy-girl lovesong lyrics. The new album is entirely written by Taylor Swift herself, and from this evidence, she’s well able to craft a beautiful pop hook all by herself.

The lyrics are more grown up than ‘Love Story’, with a tales of working part time to put yourself through college and the hazards of bill-paying adult life. Two lines in particular stand out: “You say we”ll never make my parents mistakes” and “You made a rebel of careless man’s careful daughter”. But, at the centre of it all is a sumptuous romance. It’s a definite feel-good tune, and will be getting endless plays throughout the rest of the summer.

Guilty pleasure? Heck no, I’m proud to admit it: Taylor Swift’s ‘Mine’ is one of the jams of 2010. No doubt about it.

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