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Album News: Cap Pas Cap – Haunted Light

Cap Pas Cap have announced details of their debut album. It’s called Haunted Light, and will be released by Skinny Wolves Records on November 12th. They’ll be playing a special launch party at the Workman’s Club the following night, Saturday, November 13th. To get us in the mood for all that, have made one of the album’s tracks, ‘Mirrors’, for free. Download it from the link below.

No tracklist yet, but I’ll post one when I get it.


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  1. Jim

    Where are your other gigs or can you post some information about this album. I’m a curious about what you do and the type of audience do you have. I like the photo is kinda mysterious, it just go along with the title of the album. Literal but not overboard. Great Job.

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