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Album News: James Vincent McMorrow – EP

In order to catch the eye of the American market, James Vincent McMorrow is releasing an introductory EP on Vagrant Records. This is a clever move, and hopefully after that they’ll move on to something more meaty – Early in the Morning. This wouldn’t be too newsworthy on this side of the Atlantic, except for the fact that two of the tracks on the EP are new(ish) to our ears. As well as ‘If I Had A Boat’ and ‘We Don’t Eat’, the self-titled EP will have 8 track demos of both ‘From the Woods!!!’ and ‘Like the River’.

The EP comes out on Vagrant on October 5th, and the album itself will be released in the US in early 2011. McMorrow will also be playing eleven North American shows in October supporting Bell X1 on their Acoustic Tour. So if you’ve found this post from the good ol’ US of A (or Toronto), it’s a show I definitely recommend checking out.

1. If I Had A Boat
2. We Don’t Eat
3. From The Woods (8 Track Demo)
4. Like The River (8 Track Demo)

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