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Album News: Lucy Foley – Copenhagen

Clare-based musician Lucy Foley will release her debut album on October 1st. It’s called Copenhagen, and like Brooklyn Beckham, is named after the place where it was conceived. Lucy wrote the songs in Denmark, before moving to New York to record the record.

According to Lucy “Copenhagen is carved from an enormous stable of influences, including Talking Heads, Astrud Gilberto, Kurt Weill, Ambitious Lovers, Motown, Blondie and klezmer. Evoking the dreamscapes of Kate Bush and the original lyricism of Regina Spektor, the songs depict uncanny worlds in a highly eclectic set of electro-acoustic arrangements.”

You can stream the album at her Bandcamp page, and also pre-order the album of you want.

1.It’s A Tangle 02:57
2.Kiss You Free 03:53
3.That Pleasant Smile 04:15
4.Making Circles 03:27
5.On The Stairs 04:13
6.Mister Bogeyman 03:44
7.Garden of Second Guesses 04:02


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