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Single Review: Cheryl Cole – Promise This

Cheryl Cole – ‘Promise This’

England’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole (someone had to replace Diana) is back with a new single, ‘Promise This’. It’s in no way a departure for the Girls Aloud singer, and features every ounce of pop sheen you’d come to expect from ‘Fight For This Love’ producer Wayne Wilkins. The song made its debut on the Chris Moyles radio show in the UK this morning, and it has received mixed reaction from fans. My own reaction?

It’s very forgettable. It’s a bland, electro-pop number, with an extremely grating refrain. Cole attempts to sing/talk in French for some of the single, and as stated in an earlier Girls Aloud hit, foreign tongues are definitely not her strong point. Undoubtedly, this song will be improved by the video and imminent X Factor appearance (rumoured to take place on the second live show in October, around the single’s release date).

Overall, the single is exactly what you’d expect from Cheryl Cole. People may have been blinded by the quality of single ‘Fight For This Love’, but on reflection, her debut album 3 Words contained an inordinate amount of filler. Remember that title track that people tried to convince you was good? Yeah, it was terrible. And ‘Heartbreaker’ was just tacked on at the end, having already been a Will.I.Am solo cut.

The song is written by Chris Jackson (C Jai) and Priscilla Renea, both solo artists in their own right. It’s just a pity they didn’t team up to release this as a duet, which would have went under the radar, and we wouldn’t have to hear it countless times between now and Christmas.

‘Fight For This Love 2.0′ it is not, but still expect the song to sell bucketloads from her adoring fans, especially when she appears on stage live/miming in a few weeks on X Factor.

[xrr rating=2/5]

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  1. Jellyfish

    Wow, you have disgusting taste. Fight For This Love was generic R&B pop, it was not “quality”. “3 Words” was stunning and there’s a reason why it even got success across the sea, becoming a Top 10 over here in Australia. The only thing you got right was how shit the album was despite the singles.

    Anyway if you find the new song forgettable, perhaps you suffer from anterograde amnesia. It’s mindblowing.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about my disgusting taste Jellyfish. I think you may be right. Ever since I heard Paula Abdul’s ‘Opposites Attract’, I haven’t been able to get a new chorus lodged in my head.

    Seriously though…Mindblowing?

  3. Kev

    Come on now Ronan – mindblowing is pretty fair I think.

    Mindblowing that such shite can be churned out by a seemingly talented artist. Maybe a career in pop music isn’t beyond me yet! If THIS is what’s on the radio then…

  4. Kev: A pop single from you is something I’d like to see/hear.

    [Simon Cowell voice] Why do you think you can be a popstar?

  5. marina

    this isngle is great it relates to a new chapter in her life all her songs do if u pay attention and understand the lyrics anywyas its number one and its well derserved she went through alot this year she deserves the number one stop and the fast selling single non charity of the year weldone cheryl x and her new album promises more vocal work from her. her old album was good i expecially like rain on me because of her vocals – i luved parachute and make me cry is just to cool up beat song u hav to like it . has far has the new album goes i dunt have it yet but i will i heard two songs from it appart from promise this which was on the radio and luv her song with dizzie rascal – and the flood very powerful vocals on the song the floods just amazing – u cant sya she cant sing afte hearing the flood x amazing album so far

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