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Single Review: Joe McElderry – ‘Ambitions’

Joe McElderry – ‘Ambitions’

Last year, a Norweigan band called Donkeyboy released a song called ‘Ambitions’. It was a decent tune, but suffered due to the heavily accented singing on the track. In other words, it was better suited to someone with an English accent. There are few accents more English than a Geordie one, so what better person to re-record the song as a single. It’s X Factor 2009 winner Joe McElderry’s second single (after ‘The Climb’) and the first new taste of his upcoming album Wide Awake, which comes out at the end of October. Rumour was that it would be retitled ‘Somebody’ for Joe’s release, but with the official single cover art released, this proved untrue.

Joe’s version also opens with the Scissor Sisters falsetto like the start of Donkeboy’s original, but Joe’s is much more flashy. The chorus hits about thirty seconds in, and from them you’re hooked. The song is Mika-esque in places, and is sure to prove popular. We all know from watching last year’s X Factor that Joe was the singer and Olly the entertainer, but on this song, Joe is more entertaining than usual.

He doesn’t show off his range like on the slower cover songs he performed on the song, but no doubt some of the album’s other tracks will be slower, in the Script ‘Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ vein. It’s a clever lead single choice, as it’s fun and catchy, and should get a lot of radio airplay. It’s not a marvellous tune by any means, but it’s a well crafted pop song, and the official video even has a JLS-style dance.

Remember those book reports you had to write in school. Well, I think ‘Ambitions’ by Joe McElderry would appeal to anyone aged 8 to 88, particularly people who bought ‘The Climb’ or are fans of Mika or well-crafted pop.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Watch Joe McElderry – ‘Ambitions’:

Watch Donkeyboy’s original, ‘Ambitions’:

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  1. I am SO glad I hadn’t heard the Donkeyboy original or seen their video before I’d heard/seen wee Joe’s version, because if I had, I’d be fit to kill him, and everyone who had a hand in creating him, by now.

  2. Not the biggest fan of the song so Lisa, or is it just Joe’s version? Did you have a listen to the original after?

  3. I quite liked the original, that was the thing. Loved the concept behind the video, even if it was a bit ick. Wasn’t as ick as Joe’s dancing drones, though. Pfft.

  4. Ahhh, now I get you. I never saw the original video before, it’s quite clever. The song hasn’t changed all that much though.

    The worst thing about the single has to be the cover. I didn’t actually think it was the proper cover at first, though it was fan art or something.

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