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Album News: Franz Nicolay – Luck and Courage

Former Hold Steady keyboard player Franz Nicolay has announced his second solo album, and the follow-up to his impressive Major General. It’s called Luck and Courage, and comes out next week on Science Records. To provide a nice teaser of the record, Franz has made album track ‘This is Not a Pipe’ available as a free mp3 download. As you’d expect from Franz, ‘This is Not a Pipe’ is based on Focault’s seminal text. The rest of the album is set to be just as eccentric and totally go over our heads, but it’s still bound to be enjoyable.

It’s produced by Jim Keller, who has worked with Willie Nelson, and the other Franz, Franz Ferdinand. The album also includes a fine selection of guests: Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls), Yula Be’eri (World/Inferno Friendship Society), Maria Sonevytsky (The Debutante Hour), Mark Spencer (Son Volt), Ben Holmes, Jared Scott (Demander), Ken Thomson (Gutbucket), and Emily Hope Price (Pearl and the Beard).

1. Felix & Adelita
2. Have Mercy
3. This Is Not A Pipe
4. My Criminal Uncle
5. Z for Zachariah
6. Job 35:10
7. James Ensor Redeemed
8. Anchorage (New Moon Baby)
9. The Last Words of Gene Autry
10. Luck & Courage
11. Rock, Rinse, Repeat (Vinyl-only Bonus Track)

Franz Nicolay – ‘This is Not a Pipe’

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