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Album Review: The Kybosh – Ignorance EP

The Kybosh – Ignorance EP

Back in the days before the internet, a release with just three songs on it was a single and two B sides. Nowadays, with singles being just an mp3 and maybe a remix or two if it’s still being released physically, an EP can be anything from three songs to 80 minutes in length (in the case of Sufjan Stevens). Not that there’s anything wrong with a three-song-EP. In fact, sometimes less is more. This is the case with the new EP from Dublin band the Kybosh.

Ignorance is just three songs long, and thus doesn’t include any filler whatsoever. All three songs are impressive indie rock tunes, with the opening track, ‘Sunless’ being streamed online for the past while. You may have already heard it, and if you liked it, you’ll fall in love with the other two songs here. ‘Sunless’ is a nice song, with a great riff, but ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Rise’ are much, much better.

‘Ignorance’ starts off slow and builds up to something special, it’s much more nuanced and textured than anything the Kybosh have done before, and features a wonderful 80s-feel bridge and chorus. That said, it still rocks fairly hard. The best is saved for last with ‘Rise’, which has hit written all over it. If the likes of Delphic or Hurts can make it big, there’s no reason a quality song like this shouldn’t receive plenty of airplay. It’s got a brooding middle and a dirty rock riff, combined with a huge chorus. What more could you ask for?

The Kybosh’s Ignorance EP is launched on the 6th of October in Whelan’s.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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