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Album Review: The Wedding Band/Mumford and Sons – First Dance EP

The Wedding Band – First Dance EP

You’re probably not too familiar with the name “The Wedding Band”, but you’ll definitely be familiar with half the band – who are better known as Mumford and Sons. On this tour-only EP, the band are joined by Nick Etwell (trumpet), Callum Lindsay (fiddle), Keane’s Jesse Quin (percussion), Adam Stockdale (lap steel), and Dave Williamson (trombone). Don’t worry about the tour only part, you can buy it on eBay and the like for a tenner or so if you really want it.

If you’re a Mumford and Sons fan, you should really want it. These four tracks are their most traditional yet. Recorded in March at RAK Studios, it opens with ‘Thumper’, a song whose name describes the music within. The guitar riff is simple yet effective, and Mumford’s vocals are as enchanting as ever. The entire EP is extremely upbeat (well most of it anyway), and just over fifteen minutes in length, it demands to be replayed again and again.

‘I Take Your Hand’ starts off like ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ but develops into a much more folksy tune. It’s irresistibly danceable, and the brass section gives a little spark to the usual Mumford and Sons shtick. ‘Susie’ is a ballad to a “fair Irish girl”, and with a mention of “Grafton Street”, it’s bound to be immensely popular at Dublin gigs and Oxegen 2011. Once again, the horns give the song a fuller sound – hopefully something that will be carried over to the next Mumford and Sons album.

‘She Said Yes’ is just as upbeat as the title suggests. It’s a rapturous delight of a song about a successful marriage proposal (the Wedding Band is an apt band name after all). The song is just two minutes and a half in length, but it packs so much into those 150 seconds, that it feels a lot more complete. Overall, this four track EP does feel polished and finished, and is a lovely hint at what Marcus Mumford and his unrelated Sons might have planned next.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Stream ‘Thumper’:

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