Download: Free HWCH 2010 Music Part 2

This is the first part of a list of a lot of free music from many of the bands due to appear at this weekend’s Hard Working Class Heroes 2010 festival. All of these downloads, and many more can be found on my Free Irish Music Downloads page. Part 1 can be found here.

The Cast of Cheers – Chariot
The Cast of Cheers’ debut album Chariot is one of my favourite Irish albums of the year, and what makes it better is the fact that it’s absolutely free. A fantastic rock record, it’s a must-download. Cast of Cheers play the Workman’s Club on Sunday night at 23:45.

The Dirty 9s – ‘Weekend Lovers’
At this stage, ‘Weekend Lovers’ is an old song by the Dirty 9s, but that doesn’t stop it from still being great. The alternative rockers released their debut album, Stop Screaming, Start Dreaming earlier this year, and I must say, I was very impressed. They play the Workman’s Club at 20:45 on Thursday.

The Holy Roman Army – Desecrations EP
Everyone’s favourite Carlovian act (up yours Richie Kavanagh) released a free EP of covers earlier this year, and it’s amazing. It’s actually just as good as debut album, How the Light Gets In, and features five inspired electronica covers. The HRA play Twisted Pepper at 20:30 on Sunday.

Nouveaunoise – Paraphrase Accolade Sampler
One of four exciting bands to play the HWCH10 launch show a few months back, Nouveaunoise are Ireland’s finest upcoming electronic act. This download is two tracks from their acclaimed debut album. They play the Grand Social on Thursday at 23:30.

Pearse McGloughlin – ‘Morning Mist’
‘Morning Mist’ is a new song taken from Pearse McGloughlin’s upcoming EP, Twine. It’s a great sampler for the follow-up to his excellent Busy Whisper album. He plays Sweeneys at 21:30 on Friday.

Sounds of System Breakdown – ‘Vinegar Joe’
The Irish LCD Soundsystem released their debut album last year to rapturous adoration from the music press, and this is one of the finest songs from it. You can download it from their official site, as well as a radio edit of the tune. SoSB play the Grand Social on Sunday at 20:50.

Squarehead – K9 Sessions
Another of the four acts who played the HWCH launch show, Squarehead are a fantastic three-piece rock band, who really impressed me on stage. This three song EP was recorded for Phantom FM at K9 Studios. Squarehead play The Workman’s Club at 20:45 on Sunday.

Strait Laces – ‘Kids Like John Need a Hero’
The three-piece punk band know how to thrill an audience, and their live shows are always full of relentless energy. This single is the follow-up to the excellent ‘Seconds Out’. They play on Sunday at 20:15 in the Workman’s Club.

Trophy Boyfriend – Distant Chimes EP
Three-track EP from the one man electronica act. Won huge praise from both Nialler9 and Jim Carroll, and plays the OTR v Nialler9 show at the Workman’s Club on Sunday at 23:00.

We Are Losers – We Are Losers EP
Self-titled EP from one part of Super Extra Bonus Party. It’s one of Gavin Elstead’s many sideprojects, and cites Pavement as one of his influences on it. Well if you’re going to start somewhere… Play the Workman’s Club at 20:00 on Sunday.

Yeh Deadlies – Snow Joke EP
2009 EP from the County Dublin five-piece indie pop band. It’s clever and amusing, and really, really quirky. Right up my alley so. They play the Grand Social at 20:50 on Thursday.

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