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Album Review: Taylor Swift – Speak Now

Taylor Swift – Speak Now

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift can do well, it’s write a song about relationships. She’s been in many well publicised romances already at the tender age of twenty – and some of these are source material for her third album, Speak Now. However, this new album is just as much about love and lust as it is about heartbreak and warfare. The album is fantastically tracklisted in this way by producer Nathan Chapman (the man behind the boards for her first two records). It starts off high with songs about love, before harking down to take in Taylor Lautner and John Mayer, and then ending again on a high note. [See: Fig. 1.]

[Fig. 1. Click to enlarge]

As always, with a Taylor Swift album, the music is just as strong as the lyrics, and it’s a wonderfully tuneful record, chock full of radio jams. Any of the songs on here as the potential to be a single, and in that respect, it’s her best album yet. It probably is a little long at fourteen tracks, but it would be a hard decision cutting out any of the songs here.

[Fig. 2. Click to enlarge]

But it is the lyrics that make Swift stand out above the crowd. The album is full of fantastic lines and put downs [See: Fig. 2]. This may stand against her in the future, it would be a brave man to date someone with such a well publicised relationship history. Or maybe it’s the goal of some men to be remembered forever in song.

Oh, and I didn’t even mention the Mayeresque guitar on ‘Dear John’. Amazing.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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