Download: Dave Matthews Band – Dive In (Acoustic)

With not long to go til they take a year off, Dave Matthews Band are really enjoying their last few shows of 2010. Last night at Madison Square Garden in New York, they mixed it up by having Matthews himself play a solo acoustic version of ‘Dive In’ from Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. Thanks to Spoke. for the download.

Big Eyed Fish
Crash Into Me
Lying in the Hands of God
Eh Hee
Lie in Our Graves
You Might Die Trying
Lover Lay Down (with Paquito D. Rivera)
Warehouse (with Paquito D. Rivera)
Grey Street
Jimi Thing (with Ron Blake)
Shake Me Like a Monkey
You & Me
What You Are

Dive In (Dave solo)
All Along the Watchtower

Dave Matthews Band – ‘Dive In (Acoustic)’

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