Live Review

Live Review: Marina and the Diamonds, Vicar Street, 27 October 2010

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Date: Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Venue: Vicar Street, Dublin
Support: Lisa O’Neill



James Hendicott, GoldenPlec
“Her vocals – especially at the higher end of her pitch range – are immaculate, yet still backed throughout the night with her own songs creeping through the sound system. Throughout each pop gem, you’ll find the singer striking dramatic poses, strutting and singing her heart out.”

Elaine Buckley, State Magazine
“With her unwavering stage-presence, an impressive display of lighting and visuals, and numerous costume changes, she has truly evolved into a pop star of the highest order – and complimented by the watertight musicality of her band, that ever-distinctive voice is just as vibrant as ever.”



‘I Am Not A Robot’:




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