List: Best Irish EPs of 2010 Part One

My first proper year end best of this year. Here’s part one the top 20 Irish EPs of 2010. Check out part two (10-1) here:


My Pilot

Released at the start of November, the debut EP from My Pilot hasn’t has as long to settle as other albums, and thus may have been ranked higher had it been released earlier. It’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s part of it’s charm. These are five great indie rock tracks, that are varied in style, feel, and tempo, and provide a great taster of their upcoming full-length album next year.


No Strings Attached

When bands are clever, they always grab my attention. Thus an EP called No Strings Attached which contains a track called ‘Marionette’ was guaranteed to charm. The Dublin four-piece formed while attending the New Park School of Jazz, and each song is meticulously arranged. An utterly appealing melodic pop record that sparkles from start to finish.


Sleep Thieves
It Was Only a Satellite

With album HeartWaves not due until March 2011, Sleep Thieves offered up the excellent It Was Only a Satellite as a free download. This should have kept us satisfied for the time being, but all it does is make me want more. More of these brilliant electro rock tunes. More great guitar riffs. More synths. More more more.



You know how people go on about how great Nialler9 is? There’s a reason for that. Every week, he provides me with something new and interesting to check out. Adultrock was one such discovery. It’s a sideproject of Super Extra Bonus Party’s Gavin Elsted, who also had time to record as We Are Losers. He also got around to making mixtapes and mash-ups, but the original Adultrock tracks were nothing to be scoffed at.


A Northern Light
Chase the Ghosts Away

There was loads of synth in 2010 as even more bands rediscovered the 80s. Belfast’s A Northern Light were one of the few who did it really well, wearing their influences on their sleeves, but at the same time, sounding fresh and energetic. A very exciting talent for the future, and this EP is just a taster for future brilliance.


Yeh Deadlies
The Dead Living

Yeh Deadlies gave us the Magazine 7″ in the first half of 2010, but gave away an even better treat at Hallowe’en. Despite the EP’s title and tracknames, it’s far from gloomy, instead it’s full of smart indie pop – albeit darker indie pop. They even sample a bit of countrified rock too. A band willing to take risks and mix it up, and reaping all the benefits of experimentation. They’re currently working on album The First Book of Lessons.


The Gorgeous Colours
The Creatures Down Below

In this day and age, people are less likely to pay for music. However, if it weren’t for paying fans, bands like the Gorgeous Colours wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t get to hear the beautiful harmonies and inspired lyrics that make The Creatures Down Below a joy to listen to. Go on, it’s more than worth your €3.



When a classical musician decamps, goes back to basic, and starts again, it’s difficult to predict what will happen next. Niamh Corcoran could easily rest on her laurels and create what comes easily. Instead, this is a diverse collection of tunes, that is both hypnotic and ethereal. There’s more depth in four minutes of one of Angkorwat’s songs than in many artist’s entire discographies.



Two of the Redneck Manifesto teamed up to form VisionAir. Richie “Jape” Egan and Niall Byrne (not the blogger) first released a brilliant mixtape, and then followed it up with the four brilliant electro tracks that make up the free Autumn EP. The tracks have wonderful titles, and amazingly they actually suit these gorgeous laid-back synth-led tunes.


Readers Wives
Victor’s Mother Juliet

An Irish Smiths? Maybe. Niall James Holohan’s vocal is not Morrissey, but is more straight-up rock, and it matches the melodies wonderfully. Fantastic choruses, and wonderful riffage, this EP shows off how Readers Wives are one of Ireland’s finest alternative rock bands. Another great find courtesy of 2UIBestow.

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