List: Irish Acts’ own favourite Albums of 2010 Part 2

Part two of a fantastic series where Irish artists pick their favourite albums of 2010. If you haven’t already checked it out, yesterday’s first part had selections from the Dirty 9s, Bat Kinane, I am Not Lefthanded, MilanJay, and Solar Bears. There’s more still to come. Thanks to all the acts for doing this for me.

Stephen & Ciaran, Captain Kennedy

Part 3 – The Cast of Cheers, Drunken Boat, The Holy Roman Army, Pearse McGloughlin, Terence Rowlands.

  • Eli “Paper-Boy” Reed ~ Come and Get It.
    This album’s a great throwback to the Motown era and alot of fun.  I seen Eli play in Belfast when he was touring and him and his band were right on the money, even if he did fall off he stage.  I’m a massive fan of Soul & Motown and hopefully this album turned a few more people onto this style.
  • Grinderman ~ Grinderman 2
    It’s hard not to crack a smile at Nick Cave’s nasty lyrics.  A band who seem to have formed out of not taking it all so seriously have come up with one of the best rock albums of the year.  Some great crunchy beats, screaming guitars & Cave’s lyrics let you know none of these songs will be played on commercial radio. . .Perfect!
  • Robert Plant ~ Band of Joy
    We need more music like this around.  Nice & groovy, will make you move.  Stand out tunes have to be “Can’t Buy My Love” & “House of Cards”.  As a Zeppelin fan it was great to see Plant get back to some roots music and you can tell the band are really enjoying themselves on the record.
  • Justin Townes Earle ~ Harlem River Blues
    From the first note in the opener this album pulls you in and from then on you’re hooked.  It seems Justin is getting more comfortable with having to live in the shadow of his owl man and on this record he’s having a good time just making the music he loves.  The sound is nicely balanced, fun and loose, flirting with the Americana sound, mixed with some Country and Roots music thrown in for good measure.  Great record for a long drive.

Niamh, Ham Sandwich

  1. The National – High Violet
    Amazing album. I love how they still manage to sound like themselves without being samey. Saw them live twice this year and they just blew me away.
  2. Best Coast – Crazy For You
    I was a bit of a latecomer to this album but when I heard it I was totally blown away. The lyrics are all pretty girly and some songs are really so simple but that’s what I love about it. Its an album you can listen to right through with out feeling the need to skip tracks!
  3. LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening
    Incredible album. Supposedly their last.(hope not though) Saw them live at EP and Tripod and they were amazing.
  4. Villagers – Becoming a Jackal
    Only after I saw them at EP I gave this album a go and loved it. “Pieces” is such an incredible song.
  5. Vampire Weekend – Contra
    Brilliant Album. “Cousins” is the one to listen to off this!

James Vincent McMorrow

  • Lisbon by the Walkmen
    The best sounding record this year, or in as many years as I can remember to be honest,  it sounds like it could be an early Sun Studios recording, unreal.
  • High Violet by the National
    My favourite band, such is my love for Boxer that I figured it’d be almost impossible for them to make something as good as it, but they have, it’s just a beautiful record with beautiful songs from start to finish.
  • Mines by Menomena
    A band that not many people know about, was given this record at the start of the year and was a complete revelation, everything about it I love, it sounds like nothing else I’ve ever heard, and “dirty cartoons” is my favourite song of the year.
  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West
    Myself and my brother have loved Kanye since he produced Izzo for Jay z, these days  he kind of reminds of my Jeff Koons, in that he’s got this incredible vision, and is smart enough to bring in other brilliant people to help realize the vision. Every song on here is great, rare to be able to say that about a rap record these days.
  • Swim by Caribou
    I was a fan, then I saw them live at Electric Picnic, and I became  a bit obsessed. Daniel Snaith is so good, and he’s got a PhD in mathematic as well apparently, which makes sense, everything he does has a really learned passion about it, it’s incredibly vibrant, but also incredibly well thought out.

Gav, We Are Losers

  1. Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner
    A warm,emotive album that casts aside the opinion that electronica and
    house music in particular can leave you feeling cold and
    disconnected.Cinematic and lush,this is a truly magnificent body of
  2. Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album…
    Spazzrockers dissect layers of noisy bluster to lay open the melodic
    heart of their breakneck speed music to devestating effect.Best band
    in the country at the moment in my opinion.
  3. Caribou – Swim
    A classic.An album you can really immerse yourself in – swathes of
    synths lock in with clever beats creating bedroom dance euphoria.
  4. Cast of Cheers – Chariot
    Mathrock for the masses.Impassioned vocals over Foalsy tap guitars and
    rock solid backbeats.
  5. Best Coast – Crazy For You
    The best pop album released this year,hands down.Bubblegum pop
    reimagined by a cat-loving lady from the West Coast of the US.

Padraig, Yeh Deadlies

  • Groom Marriage
    This is quite close to home for me as I know the people who made it quite well, and no doubt that has helped it resonate with me. I think there’s definitely something of a universal truth to it, though. It’s very ambitious and pulled off so well…it’s crammed with great tunes, great playing and great lyrics.
  • Harlem Hippies
    The first time I ever heard Harlem they were just on in the background in a friend’s house and my ears pricked up instantly. I knew I’d be into it. I investigated further and it turns out I was. It has a really warm, one-take-slipshod-vibe that probably took them ages to perfect!
  • The Dinah Brand I Can Walk Through
    The Dinah Brand’s second album is lovely. It’s got some really nice playing on it, the songs are great and the recordings are sweet. There’s not a whole lot more than that you can say!
  • Republic of Loose Bounce At The Devil
    Jonny Pyro finally defeats Satan. Another one where I know the people involved. I was going to include Grinderman 2 for that reason, but what the hell, I preferred this. The Loose are experimenting here like never before. Mik Pyro plays with the line between diary confessionals and genre expectations, which is something he excels at. It’s just so musical! There’s so much music here it’s dizzying.
  • Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Before Today
    I only had one Ariel Pink record before this but I’d heard other bits and pieces. I don’t even know how much other stuff he’s released to be honest. But this record is just great. I love the sound of it too. It’s more polished than his previous stuff without losing what was appealing about the messiness of old.

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