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Album News: Tenaka – Drifting

Exclusive album news time! Tenaka is currently mastering and putting the finishing touches to his debut album Drifting, which will be out this summer. That’s the album cover above, and the tracklist is below. There’s sixteen tracks total, and Tenaka will be releasing a six-song sampler for the album in the next month or so.

It’s sure to be one of the albums of the summer, especially if EPonymously Titled is anything to go by. Ronan Carroll says of the album “Some of the tracks from the EP are on it but in new forms – personally I thinks its a leap forward from the EP, but it still maintains the same vibe.” The album clocks in at just over 45 minutes.

He was one of the picks for the Irish Sound of 2009, but there’s no doubt 2011 will be even better for Ronan Carroll.

a. waves
b. i know
c. three
d. home
e. open out
f. universe i
g. throw sevens
h. the alaskan
i. haunt
j. eroica
k. butterfly guns
l. imes
e. thirteen paw
m. three
o. everything else
n. ride out

You can still download the debut EP here:

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