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Album Review: Created By Comets – Leave It At The Door

Brass is underlooked in Irish music. Not enough tunes emerging from this island have a warm sax sound. Naas six-piece Created By Comets are trying to rectify that with their debut EP Leave It At the Door, released as a free download on bandcamp.

A fantastic, full-figured melody combined with Craig Berkeley’s 80s vocals make for a wonderful funk-ska sound on the title track, opening the EP beautifully. ‘Breeze Song’ is just that, a nice breezy tune, where sax and trumpet lead the way from the start to fine playing from Mason McMillen and Jason O’Keeffe respectively. I haven’t had the chance to catch CBC live yet, but I expect that this is where they really shine, jamming along to their well-rounded tracks.

Closer ‘Broken Little Pieces’ is probably the best of the lot, and has a real jive factor to it. The band’s funk influences really come through here, and the song wouldn’t sound out of place on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (apart from Berkeley’s voice not being as high as any of the Gibbs). If you want a smooth, danceable record, this is for you. A tremendous start to the year from a very impressive bunch of newcomers.

The CD version of the release is being launched at Twisted Pepper on February 11th.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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