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Album Review: Doctor Lilt – Gun Shaped Eggs

Doctor Lilt – Gun Shaped Eggs

2011 marks a new chapter for Swear I’m Not Paul, as well as the usual downloads, setlists, interviews, and the rest, this year I’m making it my goal to review every Irish album that comes my way. I won’t be reviewing anything from 2010, but if it’s from the island of Ireland and has a 2011 release date, it’ll appear here. So expect to see new genres and styles alongside old favourites. Which is exactly what Doctor Lilt’s new album Gun Shaped Eggs is.

The record is not something I would usually focus on, but instead is a beat-driven hip-hop record, that is actually charming in its own funk-laden way. Opener ‘Cheese Slices’ is a tremendous mash of styles and has moments that sound straight out of a Guy Richie score. ‘Greasy Monk’ is more laid back, and synthy, and has the feel of a Playstation 3 racing game’s title screen.

In fact, the entire album sounds like it could be used to soundtrack one thing or another, particularly the oriental ‘Perky Flower’ and the irresistible disco funk of ‘Strange Love’. There’s a few weak patches, ‘It’s Going to Break’ is particularly unsettling, and the short ‘The Triplets Yea’ is still irritating at only forty-four seconds.

Closer ‘Floater’ is a highlight, even though it has a distinctly Chris De Burgh-esque sound to the intro. The highlight however, is Super Mario-infused ‘Quirky Egg’. It’ll no doubt be one of my favourite songs of the year. Pure genius. Just check it out if you don’t believe me.

[xrr rating=3/5]


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