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Album Review: Hugh Doolan – OutTakeIn

Hugh Doolan – OutTakeIn

More a collection of odds and ends rather than a proper album, OutTakeIn (available for just a euro online) is still a notable release from Hugh Doolan. Doolan makes acoustic singer-songwriter tunes, and these are ones that just didn’t fit on any of his records for one reason or another. The reason definitely wasn’t that they’re bad songs, far from it, just maybe not as polished or finished as his album material.

Hugh Doolan is very prolific, and has two more digital releases due in the next few months, but for now, OutTakeIn will tide us over. ‘Red Hand Lake’ is a nice tune, which ebbs and flows along with a gentle acoustic guitar riff, led by Doolan’s smooth vocal. ‘Call Me A Scarecrow’, the album’s free download, is another simple singer-songwriter tune and features a neat plucked riff. The Dylan Junior of ‘Slow Train’ is fairly impressive, as is closer ‘Catchin’ Up On You’

Like many albums of this nature, and especially a B-Sides record, it suffers from a lack of direction, of consistency in quality, and suffers because of this. It’s sometimes hard to differentiate some of the quieter songs from each other. The instrumental ‘Melan-Friday-Choly’ and ‘Like Rust’ stands apart from the rest due to their plugged in nature, and perhaps this should be a direction Doolan should go further into in the future.

OutTakeIn is no Slopey, that’s for sure. That said, the record is far from a write-off. There are some decent songs here, ones which easily could have fit on proper records, but with the two instrumental tunes, Hugh Doolan may have found a brand new direction.

[xrr rating=3/5]

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