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Album Review: Paperjays – Revolve EP

Paperjays – Revolve

Is Ireland ready for a native version of Razorlight? Do we need another band which takes its queues from U2? Well, those are questions that Paperjay try to answer with their debut EP, Revolve. The Derry four-piece have been playing together around the country for the last year and a half, and have built up a loyal following. They’ve also worked out the kinks, and have a polished indie-rock sound on their studio release.

‘Little Sounds’ speaks of diversity, but there’s little diversity to be found here. It’s very much a collection of straight-up indie-rock tracks, that sound no better than what we’ve heard countless times before. ‘The Brakes’ sounds a lot like the Velvet Revolver theme tune to Entourage, while ‘Spirit Child’ has echoes of Dave Evans.

They’re not bad songs by any means, they’re all pretty decent in fact. All four musicians are pretty talented, and even singer Kevin Rotherham’s slide into Americanism doesn’t impede on the tracks. Closer ‘Who Do You?’ is the most lively of the four, and has the most radio appeal. It’s got a tight rhythm section, a memorable riff and a catchy chorus. All the right ingredients for a hit song. Could it soundtrack RTE’s Spring season perhaps?

A decent debut from the Derry lads, with glimpes of potential for future greatness. They just need to find their own voice.

[xrr rating=3/5]

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