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Album Review: Sunken Foal – Mother of God

Sunken Foal – Mother of God

Sunken Foal returns from the wilderness after two years without a release with Mother of God, his first effort on new label Acroplane. It’s a six song cycle, all except one longer than five minutes. Thus, the album sometimes has the feel that it’s running out of steam, particularly on ‘Gift Knee Pads’, which would have been better styled around the four minute mark.

Opener ‘Low Mountain Light Socket’ is a marvellous introduction to the record, with stunning swoops and swelling beats, as well as introducing the hazy vocal effect that reappears throughout the album. The three minute forty-three second ‘Colloidal Glass’ is a slow-burning, almost oriental-sounding breathy endeavour that segues well into ‘Platforms’, a rhythmic beast of a track.

‘A Row of Gods’ is probably the most accessible track on here, and as a result is the best of the six. Even though it’s five minutes in length, it doesn’t suffer the same fate of outstaying its welcome that some of the other songs have. ‘Pearl Bearings’ ends the album well, but takes a while to get started. It’s the most outwardly danceable song and has a fantastic beat, particularly during the middle section.

A decent, if not amazing effort from Sunken Foal, this is sure to appeal to his long-time fans, and maybe even win over a few newcomers.

[xrr rating=3/5]


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