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Album Review: We Are Losers – Live at Popicalia #5

We are Losers - Live at Popicalia #5

Just a couple of days after We are Losers played Popicalia #5 at the Shebeen Chic with Pantone 247 and Hello Moon, the upcoming Dubliners uploaded a free bootleg live EP of the show for free download online. It was recorded by Aidan Wall of Hipster Youth and uploaded to his tumblr blog on Sunday night.

Firstly, the sound quality of this bootleg is awful. But that kind of gives it a certain charm. “Buzzable blog band Squarehead” We are Losers open with the excellent ‘The Narcissist’ from last year’s debut EP and it’s a pumping, frenetic two minutes. ‘We Vampires’ is a song we had only previously heard in demo form, and it’s not much clearer here, but it from what we heard, it’s awesome. I’d say it was fantastic on the night.

‘Sunset Song’ suffers the most from the sound quality of the bootleg and is almost indecipherable, while fellow newbie ‘She Dreams in Spectrals’ sounds like it could be the band’s most pop song yet, and has a dirty Strokes/CODES feel to it. Still impossible to know what’s going on though. Closer and EP tune ‘Empty Head’ is much easier to hear (probably because of familiarity as much as anything else) and is the perfect song to end any set with it’s “woah-oh-oh” chorus. Could it be the ‘Chelsea Dagger’ of Oxegen 2011? It’s definitely possible.

Overall, the Live EP suffers from the quality of the recording. If it was a soundboard bootleg, it’d be only amazing, but as it is, it’s just decent. Still worth a listen/download though.

[xrr rating=3/5]

Download it for free here:

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