Download: Nirvana – Live in Cork 1991 Bootleg

Yesterday, Ruairi from Bantum dug up the bootleg of Nirvana’s 20th August 1991 show from Sir Henry’s Pub in Cork after a tweet from On the Record’s Jim Carroll about this month’s Mojo Magazine, which features photos of the gig. Ruairi found a link to an mp3 bootleg of the show, and here it is to download in its entirety. (I also uploaded two songs myself to Soundcloud so you could sample beforehand, see aren’t I nice?)

The live recording was originally included on the Put the Money Down mixtape along with a 1992 show from The Palace in Melbourne, as the entire Cork show was not recorded. Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. also shared the bill with Nirvana, and ‘Polly’ and many other songs were played before ‘Drain Me’ which starts this bootleg. This is also rumoured to be the live debut of ‘Lounge Act’.

1. Drain You
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit
3. Floyd The Barber
4. Sliver
5. Breed
6. About A Girl
7. School
8. Lounge Act
9. Negative Creep
10. Been A Son
11. Blew
12. Endless, Nameless


Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (Live in Cork):

Nirvana – ‘Floyd the Barber’ (Live in Cork):

Full Show

The Riot Tapes remastered the bootleg from the mp3s to make it clearer, here’s their download:
Full Show

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  1. Great post! you sparked me to do a Nirvana irish tour history slot Cheers !

  2. It’s Dinosaur Jr. ;-)

  3. You kids these days and your abbreviations!

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