Live: Big Monster Love for Popicalia #6

Popicalia is a fantastic series of concerts from the good folks of Popical Island, and the full-lineup for Popicalia #6 has been announced. In case you didn’t know, Popical Island is a bit like Lost, where Big Monster Love is the smoke monster (didn’t the name give it away), Yeh Deadlies are the Others, and Squarehead are Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Although I’m not sure which one is Kate. Whoever is prettiest, I suppose, or maybe they’re Sawyer.

Anyhow, Popicalia #6 takes place at the Shebeen Chic next Friday, 4th of February, 9 p.m. til late, and costs a fiver in. It’s the launch of Big Monster Love’s album Game Over, and support comes from Moutpiece and Brain Kelly.

Sample Big Monster Love – ‘Free Gaff Forever’:

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