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Stream: Bell x1 – Hey Anna Lena

April 1st is a big day for me. Not because it’s April Fools’ Day, but because it’s the day Bell x1 release new album Bloodless Coup. Ever since hearing Juniper’s ‘Weatherman’ and ‘The World is Dead’ singles, I’ve been hooked on these guys. I’ve probably seen them a dozen times since. So when they released a soundcloud stream of a song from the new album this morning, I got all giddy. Check it out here.

Stream Bell x1 – ‘Hey Anna Lena’:

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  1. I freckin’ love Bell X1. This song is a bit different, yet very familiar. I like it.

  2. Yeah, I really think they’re going for a different approach on the new album. Like a step on from Blue Lights. We’ll have to wait for more studio songs to know for certain though.

  3. Fair play it’s actually really good and shows progress!

  4. I don’t think the song will please fans of the Bell x1 hits, but it’s nice to see them taking risks and going in a new direction.

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