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Album News: The OBCD – Leave Us An End

The OBCD are a four-piece ska-punk band from Rathfarnam in Dublin. At least that’s what their facebook page claims. It’s a bit more straight-up rock than that, but that’s in no way a bad thing. They’re about to release their debut EP, Leave Us an End on Facecap Records, and will play a special launch party at Crawdaddy on Friday, 25th of February (election day). To get you in the mood for the debut EP, you can download lead single ‘Square One’ for free. All you have to do is “like” their facebook page here:

1. Square One
2. Nu Song
3. Mysterion
4. Siren
5. Barry Hurricane
6. Always

Stream ‘Siren’:

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  1. Thanks for streaming the other tune, heard Square One on Dave Fanning the other night. Ep looks like it could be good.

  2. Dave Fanning? Oooh, that’s nice exposure for the band. Fair play to them.

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